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Computer Renovation

The primary mission of the Living Computer Museum is to maintain running computer systems of historical importance. The rest of our work flows from that premise, as we preserve the original environments of digital documents and contribute to fact-based discussions regarding the construction and behavior of vintage computer systems.

The term "restoration" is used by most museums to describe a process of preparing an artifact through cleaning and sometimes structural reinforcement in order to stabilize it for preservation. We employ the term "renovation" to encompass the work done by our engineers to revitalize the collection's computers so that visitors can not only see them, but also experience them as they were originally used.

Renovation is an ongoing part of our work, and visitors can watch the engineers in action as they carefully study, repair and revive the computers in their care. Each restoration project includes careful research about the system to ensure authenticity and safeguard against avoidable risk as the machines are brought back into service.